L is for Landscaping

L is for Landscaping

and Landscape Design


and Lilium

and Lettuce


and Lupine


and Lamium

and Lamiastrum


and Lilacs

and Lablab

and Larix (or Larch)

and Lantana

and Laurel

and ahhh, Lavender

and Liatris

and Ligularia

and Linum

and Liriope

and we can’t forget Lobelia

and ohh, the sweet scent of Lobularia

and Lonicera

and Lychnis

and Lysimachia, but you have to be careful, they can be invasive, some of them will run if you turn your head for a minute, then they’ve gotcha

all of these plants and these trees and these flowers are zone 4 friendly and oh, so lovely!

One Comment to “L is for Landscaping”

  1. Lovely list!


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