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April 13, 2012

K is for Kids in the Garden

Of all the things that I love about gardening, I’d have to say that kids are pretty much my favorite part.

They are inquisitive and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

They get into it, and by that I mean, no holds barred, they get down and dirty and really get into it.

They get grossed out.

They love bugs.

They dig worms.

They are thoroughly amazed to see what you can get out of a garden.

They are impressed with the life cycle of a seed and how incredible it is that we can grow plants that we can eat from them.  Shouldn’t we all be?  It truly is incredible!

They are filled with awe.

Even if they don’t like the act of gardening they usually like the act of eating something from the garden.

They are fun.

They make me look at all of life through their eyes.

So if you have a garden, think about sharing it with a kid.  You just might learn something. 🙂