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April 1, 2012

A is for April

A is for April.  April 1 to be exact.  While others may be joking I bring you a fact.

On April 1 there’s something important to be done, in the garden that is, and it can be quite fun.

So don your gloves, sharpen your shears and protect your fingers or I fear these things we call grasses will have you in tears.

See today is the day or around this day near, that you must cut your grasses, the ornamentals, my dear.

For now is the time that they begin to grow and we must cut them back because these you can’t mow.

Grab some twine and wrap it tight, then with all of your might, take your loppers or your trimmers or your sharpest garden shears and cut them all down to six inches or near.

You must do it now, you must do it soon, for if you don’t, your grasses will look much like a goon.

When you’re done, please don’t waste, that’s good stuff for your compost.  (Or your pathways or your mulch pile or an alternate host.)

So get out there!  Go to it!  Get them cut!  Then relax.  Because this season is just beginning, it’s one of the last times to kick back.