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  1. Hi Kate I was cleaning my house this morning and checked my email and saw your blog posting. It made me cry and then feel so happy for you and your family! You are a wonderful writer. Remember when Lynda and Sandy tried to edit the Lowes catalog??! HaHa!! I really miss seeing you and working with you, we had so much fun! I knew you were too talented for Anchor!!

    I read about the straw bale gardens and would like to learn about them, so please let me know how to take one of your classes! Also, while I was reading about your pregnancy, I remember how sick you were when you were pregnant with Alex, you are such a trooper to do it all over again!! I’d love to meet your daughter! I can’t believe Alex is 13 now!!

    You have had such a journey since leaving Anchor and I admire the new life you’ve made for yourself and your family. God has truly blessed you.

    Please call when you can so we can get together. My daughter Amanda is getting married this year in October!! It’s been a wild ride, but so fun!


    • Hi Diane!
      So good to hear from you! (Thanks for continuing to read my ramblings!)
      I’ve posted all of my Straw Bale Classes in the events section of my Walnuts n Pears page on Facebook. I’m going to try and get them on my blog as well.
      I taught in Maple Grove this past Wednesday. This coming week is Sauk Rapids, Robbinsdale and Fridley, I took next week off for Alex’s spring break and the week of April 6th I’m in Elko/New Market, Norwood Young America, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka. If you want to take the class you can register through the school district it is in (all classes are taught through community ed).
      Funny, there was a little error in the article… Alex is only 10, not 13. He was humored that they got it wrong. Oh, well!
      Congratulations! I can’t believe Amanda is getting married! You must be so excited. 🙂
      It would be great to see you again.
      My days are a little crazy these days. Home with the baby during the day, both her and Alex after he’s home from school and then I pass them off to Troy and hit the road. I’m super happy to have Erinn and love teaching these classes!
      Gotta run and try to get some sleep before the little one wakes up!


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