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April 3, 2012

C is for Crazy Containers! (Think outside the pot!)

C is for Crazy Containers!  (Think outside the pot!)

As we think about container gardens, we usually think “pots”.  But I hope to inspire you to give it a little more thought.

All of the pictures that you will see, were found on the web, but I’ve gathered them up for thee, and Barb and Jim and Deb.

So search out your closets, your attics, your Grammy’s, for anything could work as a “pot”, even a bra or jammies!?

Hanging Basket Herb Garden

Garden In a Bucket

DIY Rain Boots Garden On A Fence

Wine Crates

Bathtub Garden

Pallet Vertical Garden

Galvanized Containers

Wagon Fairy Garden

Suitcase Garden

Container Garden for the Fashion Conscious

Bra Garden

So there you have it, have you been inspired?

You’re next, what will you do?  What will you find that’s been retired?