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February 23, 2013

What mama did

Five Minute Friday. Writing to write not worrying if it’s right.  Today’s topic: What mama did


What mama did.  I can’t pinpoint just one thing.  My mom did so much.  She still does.

Some people don’t get the opportunity to thank their Mother while they are still here.  We don’t think of it, we think we’ll always have tomorrows.  Today I’m grateful for the opportunity to thank her while she’s still here.

As a parent, you never know what leaves a mark on your child.  My Mom’s touch did that for me.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were sitting on our front porch listening to thunderstorms.  As a child, they scared me, especially the loud claps of thunder, but when I was sitting on my Mom’s lap, her soft hands stroking my hair and holding me just tight enough, I felt safe.  Over time I grew to love thunderstorms and when it would start to rain, I knew that I would get to sit on Mom’s lap.

We had a rocking chair too.  Two actually.  One in the living room and one on the porch.  Sometimes during storms we would sit on the rocking chair.  I continued to sit with my Mom until my legs had grown so long there was no more curling up on her lap, they would dangle and fall but I didn’t care I would still try to fit.

I knew my Mom’s hands, the softness, the shape of her fingers, of her fingernails.  I would trace her veins with my fingers.  They were beautiful to me.  And they still are.  My Mom’s hands are different now.  Rheumatoid Arthritis has made its mark.  Today her hands cause her so much pain, frustration and embarrassment.  But when I look at them, I still see my childhood, I see the hands that gently stroked my hair and they take me back to the stormy evenings on the front porch swing.  They bring me back to the comfort I felt when she would gently hold her palm to my cheek as I nestled my head on her chest and drifted off.

What did my mama do?  She comforted me with her touch and for that reason, her hands will always beautiful to me.


February 1, 2013


It’s Friday.  Five Minute Friday.  Today’s word is Afraid.

Afraid is a big word. It’s a scary word.  But what pops in my mind is that to be afraid means not to trust.  Not trusting in yourself, not trusting in others and not trusting in the Universe or whichever higher being you believe in.

Fear strikes all of us, but I think it’s important to catch it, be aware of it and when it strikes, when we acknowledge we are afraid, we can reign it back in.  Because when we think we are afraid of something, it’s usually a fear of the unknown.  If we can grab our fear, check it out and figure out what it’s all about, often times we will realize that our fears are really pretty irrational and often times out of our control.

Fear, too, can be limiting.  When I’m afraid, I become paralyzed.  I often psych myself out so badly that it causes me to take no action.  But if I can acknowledge the fear, figure out what it is that I’m afraid of and put take action on the things I can and let go of the things that are out of my control in trust in God and the Universe to take care of me, I will no longer be afraid.

I hope the same goes for you.


Five Minute Friday


January 25, 2013


I check my inbox. A post from Kasye Pratt titled Again (a five minute friday post). Curious, I read on. I follow the link to the Five Minute Friday Post to see what it’s all about.

It’s a writing flash mob. Every Friday people blog for five minutes on the same word. Today the word is “Again”.

After forwarding to a friend and blogger, I decide to do it myself. So here I am, again. Looking for motivation outside, approval outside to write without care, without constant question and correction. Once a week I’ll give myself the opportunity to write, for five minutes, without critiquing myself.

I’ve done challenges before. Maybe too many. Is this a challenge? No, not really, but somehow my mind is making it feel like it is.

So my time is up. My five minutes is done. I wasn’t supposed to edit, delete or worry. I was to just write, but I’ve done it again. Maybe next time. Maybe I’ll get better after I do it again and again.


Five Minute Friday