F is for Flowering Crab

Technically Friday was the letter “F” but I still have a very tight bond with my PJs, my bed and my couch, so today will be a two-fer. Back-to-back posts.

As I struggled to think. Period. The past few days, I struggled even more with what to post for “F”. That’s when, while bonding with the couch, at the end of one of the movies my son was watching I saw a Flowering Crab tree and it reminded me of the one on the side of the house.

The first spring in our house I fell in love with that tree.  I have never really had a “thing” for Flowering Crabs, because frankly I thought they’d been over-used, until that spring.

Our house was built in 1940 and while it’s doubtful the tree is 70 years old, it’s likely a good 40 or 50. It stands so tall, so full, so beautiful with its dark pink blossoms and branches that call you to climb or hang from them.

Flowering Crab

But about 3 or 4 years ago, we got a late storm with heavy wet snow and freezing rain and it took down a large branch from the tree, changing its shape forever. I was heart-broken. The rest of the tree still stands to this day because I don’t have the heart to remove it and trimming it will make it look, well, kind of dumb. Besides that, I wanted to try grafting a branch or 2 from the top-stock onto one of the suckers from the rootstock and I finally tried a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, my grafts didn’t take, so the tree will be there for at least another year until I can give it another try.

In a few more days it will once again be in full bloom and I will still honor it as though it were without a flaw, because in my mind’s eye, that’s how I still see it.

May you find a tree in your life that you love as much as I do this one.


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