B is for Brussel Sprouts

B is for Brussel Sprouts.  Aack!  Spit!  Gag! Puke!

“Are you kidding me?  I’d rather have a cuke!”

I know you may not believe this for neither did I, until I learned the secret of how, and when, to buy.

Brussel sprouts are delicious, steamed, with a little sea salt and olive oil.  And they’re super nutritious, but please don’t allow them to boil!

Now you’ll think I’m a trickster, a swindler, a fool.  But I’m telling the truth, for I hated ’em in school.

And it wasn’t just there, it was at home on the table.  No matter how I tried, I couldn’t eat ’em, wasn’t able.

The were mushy and bitter and caused instant gag reflexes.  I was sure it was punishment.  “I’m moving to Texas.”

So many years later while talking to Mom, she convinced me to try ’em.  “They’re awesome!  They’re the bomb!”

So what’s different now than so many years ago?  Frost is the key.  If they’re not purple, let ’em go!

What?  You might ask.  But brussel sprouts are green!  Are these a special kind? No they’re not.  You will see.

As the warm weather fades and cause night temps to fall, the brussel sprouts will be standing nearly three feet tall.

And so at this point, Jack Frost will also visit, six or seven times and the purple he’ll bring with it.

He will leave slight tinges on the tips of the leaves, signaling to us that it’s time, but only if you perceive.

This purple, this color, is a sign from above that the starch is now sweet and sprouts you will love!

So save a row, or a corner, in your garden bed.  And if you can’t, or you won’t, then hit the Farmer’s Market instead.

Just remember, don’t forget.  Grab ’em purple, not green.  And if you try ’em, when they’re fresh, you will like ’em you will see!


12 Comments to “B is for Brussel Sprouts”

  1. Brussel sprouts are the #1 recommended veg in our house by our 8 & 4 year olds! Took a bit to get them to try them but just steamed w/ a little butter or evoo is their fav! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Okay. You may have convinced me to give them another try!


  3. Do they still smell?? That’s the biggest deterrent for me.


  4. Very funny and cute post! I love brussel sprouts but have always wondered why I liked some more than others. Thanks for sharing this little tip.


  5. Yay for purple sprouts. I wondered why, when we bought that color just recently, they tasted so delicious. Your rhyme worked so well. Before I knew it, I heard sound of a bell.


  6. Sweet and interesting post about Brussel sprouts 🙂 Purple sprouts are the ones to eat, thanks.



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