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February 8, 2013


It’s Friday. Five Minute Friday. Today’s word is “bare”.

Bare. Fully exposed. Vulnerable. Out there.

Winter. Lifeless. Or is it?

When I look out the window or wander through my yard this time of year, at first glance it’s easy to think everything is bare. But it doesn’t take long for my imagination to start running. Soon I see leaves budding on trees, crocus poking up out of the ground. Then, much like the animated movies it all starts happening faster and faster, lawns green up flowers bloom and the next thing you know, the bare yard is lush.

This year I will be converting a part of my yard, which some may currently see as lawn, but what I see as bare, into a productive edible yard. That open space will bring flowers for pollinators, the fruits of berries, and veggies of every color. There will be beauty and structure. Something to look at next winter so it doesn’t look so bare.

Soon, the snow will melt and my dream will become a reality.


Five Minute Friday