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April 8, 2013

Groundhog Day

I’ve figured it out.

Punxsutawney Phil was kidnapped! Seriously, people. How could we be so blind? Someone took him and replaced him with an imposter on Groundhog Day. We are all so totally gullible and self-absorbed that we didn’t notice or even care because the imposter told us winter was over.

Now we are in trouble. It’s been over two months. He could be anywhere!

But it’s a little late to do much about it, isn’t it? I can’t believe we were so gullible. But why else would we be sitting here on April 8th watching a ridiculous storm sweep across the upper mid-west dumping snow?

Yep, as I sit and type, we kind, but gullible folks in Minnesota, are under a winter storm watch for the next three days! It’s April, people! Isn’t anyone else concerned about this? And it’s going to be bad. Depending on which meteorologist you listen to, we will get up to 6 inches, just an hour away will get a foot and others say it’s foolish to even attempt to forecast volume based on what’s coming.

I’ll tell you what, if we had been paying attention, and noticed that we had a Punxsutawney Phil imposter this never would have happened. Okay, the storm may have happened, but we would have been prepared. We wouldn’t all be sitting here expecting spring in April but getting blasted by winter. No sir, we would be perfectly content with winter hanging on for months on end. Because we would have known because Phil would have told us.

But we didn’t. We believed the imposter and here we are… miserable, caught off-guard and missing Phil.

Oh, Phil, I’m so sorry. Wherever you are….