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December 24, 2011

The work of a coyote?

Did you ever notice that when the holidays roll around something or some things are bound to go wrong?

The past couple of weeks have been about the most entertaining for me in a while.  I think it all began with the Fire Department incident a couple of weeks ago and since then odd things just keep happening.

Like the day I thought I was texting my niece about what kind of jeans are the “hippest” these days.  I’d ignored the red flag of “Who is this?” Nope, didn’t stop me.  I thought I was pretty funny going into great detail about being her aunt, her mother’s brother’s wife, from Minneapolis… and on and on.. until she replied, “I think you have the wrong number.” As it turns out, I wasn’t texting my niece, I was texting “Jodi from Grand Rapids” but she was still kind enough to give me a list of hip jeans, tell me which stores to buy them from and wish me well on my shopping adventures and wish me a Merry Christmas.  (Now THAT is “Minnesota Nice”!)

Or there’s the morning that I was putting dishes away and triggered the glass-break detector in the kitchen, setting-off the security system.  And no, I didn’t break anything.

Or how about yesterday, when I thought I was being proactive by ditching the stale ice in the freezer so we have “fresh ice” for the holidays, which in turn blew a hole in the side of the garbage disposal (I was thinking it was a three-fer… thought I’d sharpen the garbage disposal blades, get the stink out and have fresh ice) when I discovered after looking three or four times that it wasn’t the empty ice bucket dripping water on my slippers, but instead water blasting out of the side of the garbage disposal all over my pajama pants and feet. In my defense, I was very focused on separating the ice cubes so they wouldn’t jam up the garbage disposal.

Then last night, the dogs busted into a bag of dog food (for the third time in two weeks) and gorged themselves silly.  Since they weren’t caught in the act, it wasn’t discovered until one of them was wandering around with a funny look on her face and started puking it all up on the  wool living room rug.  (I’m going to buy a dog food container today!)

I’m not sure what’s coming next, but someone is getting a HUGE kick out of this and I have to admit, I kind of am too…

Hope your Holidays provide you with as much opportunity for comic relief as I’ve had! (Minus the damage.)