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April 22, 2012

R is for Rodent

Rabbits eat my lettuce

Squirrels steal my pears

Raccoons peak in my windows and freak me out when they stare

Opossum at my back door

Woodchuck under the shed

Garter snakes slither and stop my heart nearly dead

Toads in all directions hopping here and there

Neighbor’s cats adding scents for which I don’t particularly care

Japanese Beetles and June Bugs and May Flies

Might make you wonder why I garden, why I even try?

You might say I like it, or love it at the least

For why else would I put up with these less than sightly beasts?

As I venture outside to plant and weed and water

I realize there’s nothing that rhymes with rodent

I only wish my garden wasn’t their fodder