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December 10, 2012

A Gift to Calm The Christmas Stress

Snowy Lantern

The tree isn’t decorated.  The Christmas Train has been derailed.

Christmas cards aren’t even purchased, much less mailed.

The mantle is cluttered, with a mix of Christmas and fall decor.

The JOY stocking holders, anxiously awaiting more.

Everywhere I turn I see another project started, gone astray.

The house is a disaster and each morning is one closer to Christmas Day.

So as I sat there stressing, looking for a star to guide me on my way,

I happened upon a post from another blogger, a gift, you might say.

She wrote of her troubles and struggles of today.  It was like looking in a mirror in a slightly different way.

Do What You Can” she says.  Look inside, not out.  She reminds us that the guilt comes when we’re looking at others instead of at ourselves.

Ahhh… so simple, but how easily I forget.  Stop comparing myself to others, and there will be no regrets.

And while their tree might be perfect, or appear so from my view, I need to remind myself “there’s only one of them, and one of you”.

So as we continue on our journey making the most of the Christmas season, remember to keep the focus and… do what you can, within reason.

I promise if you try this, if you follow it this way, you’ll be given a gift of calm, and the Merriest Christmas Day.