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March 8, 2014

Why buy organic food?

If you don’t understand why you should buy or grow organic food, this post is for you.

I was sorting through a stash of seeds for the school garden tonight and ran across this packet of tomato seeds.



Please read the “fine print” in red on the last photo. These seeds are toxic to those with allergies to chemicals, should not be fed to animals or birds and should not be handled without gloves… but it’s okay to plant them in the soil and eat the fruit that comes from them.

Organic standards do not allow these or other chemicals to come in contact with our food at any stage of growing, processing, storage or handling which is one reason to choose organic over conventional food.

Typically, in the US, companies are not required to disclose which chemicals they use in their processing on labels.

I’m not sure why this was labeled the way it was, I’m guessing it’s because it was from Canada (because this is not the norm in the US), but if you saw this “Caution” on the seed you were about to plant with your children, on the fruit you were about to buy in the store or the bread you were about to buy, would you change your mind?

Would you still think the packet of organic seeds that costs 25 cents more, the apples that are 15 cents more or the bread that is 50 cents more is expensive or would your perception of what you are about to purchase change?

The only guarantee we have today, that these and other chemicals aren’t in our food, is to buy Certified Organic.

Be mindful. Be well.