“Good” is Going Viral in 2013!

Do you feel it?  There is an incredible positive energy buzzing about this year.  Two thousand thirteen, can you believe it?!?  I can’t tell you why I think it will be a good year, it’s just a feeling that I have (that and maybe because it’s lucky thirteen).  I know, I know, the media has been yapping about us careening over the “Fiscal Cliff” like Thelma and Louise for months and everywhere you turn there are people preaching the doom and gloom of what is going to happen “if this” and “if that”.  I turn it off.  I don’t listen because I don’t believe it.  “Poo on them” as my Grandma would say.  You can call it ignorance, you call it nievity, you call it what you will but don’t call it optimism, because to me, optimism can be a facade.  Sometimes I think we, the general population, try to be optimistic when we have a bad feeling about the way things are headed.  So we try to change fate by changing what we say, by being “optimistic” on the outside, but inside we still feel the same bad feeling, so our optimism isn’t authentic.  So my feeling about 2013 isn’t optimism, I truly have a good feeling about it.  I believe that the Universe has heard our calls for help and for change and in my heart I believe good things are coming our way.

Some of my friends and family have recently gotten new jobs, job offers and new positions within their current companies, which is super exciting for them.  And their excitement is contagious.   In fact, I believe that their excitement will spark excitement with others, spreading like a virus (only it’s a good virus instead of a bad virus) making excitement and positive energy go viral.

I have a good feeling about other friends and family as well.  People who really struggled in 2012 or people who took jobs just to have a job instead of something they really like. I have a feeling that good things are coming their way too, which is really cool!

This weekend I will start on my new adventure as well, this weekend marks the beginning of the 2013 Urban Farming Certification program.  (Woo hoo!)  So you can bet your britches that I’ll start talking dirt, er, um, I mean, soil, again very soon!  I also plan to launch some new things with my business this year that I put on the back burner in 2012 and I’m very excited about that too.  Plus, I’m leaving myself open to other opportunities that might not even be on my radar right now.

I once heard that “whatever you think, will be”.  In other words if you are negative, think doom and gloom and you have an energy of doom and gloom that doom and gloom will be brought your way, much like a magnetic force field.  But if instead you think about the positive, the what ifs, the what could bes, then you will be pulling positive energy your way and ultimately bringing those possibilities into the realm of reality.  Therefore, our thoughts really can control our destiny. Pretty cool, huh?

Last year, 2012, was a good year for me, not a bang-up year, but not bad.  There were a lot of cool things that happened (like getting chickens, for example) but I was really anxious for 2012 to end and 2013 to begin.  (Frankly, I could hardly contain myself.)

So, yes, I’m smiling on the inside and smiling on the outside because my hope for you and for all of us this year is that if you haven’t already, that you feel the vibration…. catch the excitement, catch the “good” that’s going around because my prediction is that “good” is going viral in 2013.


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  2. Love it! Happy New Year!



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