New Hope Community Farmers Market

Last week I promised more Farmers Market reviews.  Saturday is a big market day so I figured I’d better hop to it.

Let’s chat about the New Hope Community Farmers Market.  Let me start by saying I was pleasantly surprised with what I found at this market.


For starters it was quite a bit bigger than I’d anticipated, quite large in fact. (This picture only captures half of the market!)

The selection and the produce was beautiful. The vendors were all very friendly and welcoming.


Above is a picture of Amaranth nestled between onions and Swiss Chard.  Having never cooked with it before I was told to eat it like you would spinach, but they say it is best sauteed.



The lettuce in every booth was beautiful.  It was hard to decide who to buy from and definitely too good to pass up!


And the Swiss Chard, in all of its colorful glory needed a home too.


I’m not sure where these are grown, but if you have the munchies while at the New Hope Farmers Market, you’ll find a couple of food trucks with everything from Mini-Donuts to Strawberry Spinach Salad (and Corn Dogs too).


And if you need to rest your feet while you eat, they offer live music as well.


Say you’re looking for a new scent or handcrafted soap?  New Hope’s got it.



And herbs, and pickles…




And yes, even eggs.


There are a number of artists and crafters at the New Hope Market including Sue Robinson at Suzy’z Jewelz.  If you’re looking for unique, handmade jewelry made with precious or semi precious gemstones, see Sue. She does beautiful work and will even make custom designs upon request.


Parking is a breeze.  (Plenty and free.)  The location is easy to get to.  The only drawback for me was that there was a very limited number of organic producers, but that aside the produce was beautiful and local.

Definitely worth the trip.  Even if you aren’t from New Hope you’ll feel at home.


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