What hairstyle does your yard have?

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep that makes me think these things, but have you ever noticed that yards have hairstyles?

The other day I read something that said everyone’s yard has a style, even if you don’t know what it is, your neighbors do.  That got me thinking, okay, traditional, cottage, natural.   Okay, sure, makes sense but kind of boring and obvious, isn’t it?   Then my mind started to wander off and I realized that I don’t think that’s true.  I couldn’t put my yard in just one bucket.  Why?  Because my yard has a Mullet.  That’s when I realized yards are more than just a style, they have a hairstyle!

So think about your yard for a moment.  What kind of style does it have?  Does it have one?  And furthermore, what kind of hairstyle does it have?

Here are a few hairstyles I’ve come up with for yards.  Take a gander and see if any of them fit you?

The Mullet

If you lived through the 70s and 80s, then you remember the mullet.  Business in the front, party in the back.  The mullet was predominantly worn by men, although I do remember some women with them too.  They kept the front of their hair short and the back of their hair long.

The same goes for yards.  Take mine for example.  I try to keep the landscaping neat and clean in the front and try to keep the lawn mowed on a regular basis for curb appeal.  Although I let my personal style come through a little in my choice of plantings and bedlines, I don’t get too adventurous.  I save that…. for the back!  The back is where I let it all hang out.  That’s where I conduct most of my plant experiments and I’m not overly concerned if it’s not looking neat.  That’s also where the patio is, the veggie garden, etc.  It’s relaxed, messy at times and fun.  See?  Mullet.

The Bob

The bob has been around for decades in various forms.  Typically worn by women with straight hair it has also been modified for curly hair.  In general, it’s a very simple, neat and clean style.  The stylist needs to know what they are doing because in this style flaws are very obvious.

Yards, again, can have the bob.  Very clean and simple.  Everything has its place and there is a consistent flow of uniformly shaped plants regardless of whether you’re in the front, the back or the side.  Rarely do you see a plant out-of-place or a weed in sight.

The Hippie

Okay, technically I don’t think the hippie is the name of a hairstyle, but if I say the word “hippie” what do you envision?  I envision, glasses and long hair that hasn’t been trimmed in years. Think au naturel.

The Hippie yard… you’re catching on now aren’t you?  The Hippie yard is well, just there.  Not much in the way of maintenance, an occasional mowing of the lawn and trees and shrubs haven’t been pruned in years.  And naturally, you’ll see weeds because the owner of the hippie hairstyle would never harm a fly.

The Crew Cut

Simply put, the crew cut is short and simple.  A little on top.  Not much on the sides and back.

The Crew Cut yard?  Pretty basic.  A few basic shrubs or foundation plants in the front and nothing but lawn on the sides and in the back.


Pretty self-explanatory style is it not?

Yard?  Yes, sadly, I’ve seen this.  No plants.  None.  And lawn?  Well, I didn’t even realize mower blades could be set that low.

Well, that about wraps it up.  What do you think?  Do any of these hairstyle fit your yard? Let me know! Or if you think of a style I’ve forgotten, please share!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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