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March 31, 2012

Hungry For Change

If you have time, right now, within the next 45 minutes and are interested in changing the way you eat.  Please watch the free premier (March 21 – March 31, 2012) of Hungry For Change by following this link: Hungry For Change.

My apologies for the extremely short notice.  It was forwarded to me earlier in the week, but I just had the opportunity to watch it tonight.  Definitely a good watch for adults and children alike.


March 31, 2012

Seuss anyone?

As I think about the challenge beginning tomorrow, there’s something about the theme that makes my brows furrow.

“What is it” I think to myself as I ponder, “about the alphabet that makes my mind wander?”  I’ve started to think of the world around me as prose, “Could I use you as the alphabet?  Subject matter?  Who knows!”

I know this sounds silly to some, even me, but there’s something about thinking of things as “A, B and C”.  It brings me back to my childhood.  That’s for sure.  It gets my mind playing and rhyming.  Immature?

But then I think to myself, “What’s the matter?  Seuss made it fun.  Why not you?  Cut the chatter.”

So perhaps you’ll see a little Seuss-type of rhyming, about gardens and cooking or perhaps just on timing.

I’ll apologize now to those who find it annoying, for the rest of us, know I’ll be playing or just toying.

I’ll use the next month to experiment with prose and with pictures and recipes and more I suppose.

So bear with me these next twenty-six days as we go, whether you’re hating or enjoying, I hope you sift through, to find something of value whether it’s old or it’s new.

I may not be Seuss and I may not be M. Stewart but the good things I’ll bring will have substance to it.

So for now, until later, I bid you ado.  Have a pleasant afternoon and evening too.

For tomorrow it begins, and I must not be late, for A happens only once on April Fools Day.  Is it fate?