Small blessings

Rain or no rain, the sun is shining on me today.

Since August of 2009 I’ve been “dealing with” a low-grade fever and fatigue.  I had tons of testing done, which all showed something was off kilter, but I didn’t have any other symptoms so nothing could be pin-pointed.  The best that they could figure was that I’d gotten some kind of virus that my body would just have to get rid of on its own.  After already dealing with it for well over a year, that was hard news to take.  My prescription was to get lots of rest, eat well and exercise as I could. In other words, live a healthy life.  So I did, or at least tried my best.

As part of all the testing that took place in the beginning, I had a CT scan that showed a “nodule” on my lung.  Since then, I’ve been getting repeat CT scans every 6 months to make sure nothing has changed.  Other quirks showed up on the follow-up scans as well, but thankfully those have disappeared and the nodule hadn’t changed.  Much as I’ve tried to ignore it, in the back of my mind it’s been a constant concern, always wondering if my next scan will be different.  I’ve lived each day being hyper-sensitive to what’s going on in my body wondering what every little change “means”.

My most recent CT scan was at the end of May. The report came back “no change” but the nodule size had changed compared to previous reports.  Since I don’t have background in the medical field, I didn’t understand how a size difference could mean “no change”.   Literally, the next day, a newsletter came in the mail from Allina and in it was an article on a new Lung Nodule Clinic that opened in Minneapolis.  I called. Last Friday I went in and met with a great team of doctors who reviewed my CT scans, PET scan, history, etc.  I actually got to see the scans and they showed me how they were measured, explained why my nodule “looks good” and reassured me that it is highly unlikely to be Cancer. Whenever a nodule is found, they monitor it for 2 years.  This fall will be 2 years for me, but just to be certain that there is no change, they are scheduling my final CT a year from now.  My Dr. reassured me that there is no concern that this will change between now and then and after the final blessing a year from now, I never have to think about it again.

Whew! I walked out relieved, yet in a daze.  It was like a dream.  It hadn’t settled in yet.

In addition to this news, I haven’t had a fever since the beginning of May and my energy level has been gradually increasing.  Another cause for celebration, but again, I was leery. I’ve lived with this for 2 years, sometimes it would go away for a few days or a week only to return again, so I was fearing it was taking a short vacation and then would be back.

It hasn’t.  I’m going on 2 months with no fever.  Today I woke up energized.  Smiling. Ready to face the world head on.  I feel good.  I have more energy today than I have in nearly 2 years!! I’m so thankful. And excited!!!

Thank you so much to my family and friends for the many, many prayers. They worked!

The unknown is a very scary place to be.  I’m so glad to be back!


p.s. – It sunk in. 🙂

3 Comments to “Small blessings”

  1. Wow, Kate — congrats on the good news and hope it continues!


  2. Finally catching up on posts. This one made me cry because i’m so relieved for you!


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