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April 1, 2011

Think outside the box – look to your landscaping!

Many of us grew up knowing veggie gardens as a box.  Either a box in the ground without sides or a box on the ground with sides, also known as a raised garden.

Believe it or not there are many other methods and shapes out there.  But assuming you’re not doing a complete overhaul this spring and either have very little space for a traditional garden or you would just like to add a couple more things to the mix, look to your landscaping*.  Yep, the area right around your house.  You can quickly change ho-hum landscaping into something fun and edible (a.k.a. edible landscaping).  Replace some of the spaces you usually fill with pansies and petunias with tomatoes, herbs or lettuce and your landscaping will start appealing to more than just the sense of sight.  Just imagine grabbing a few leaves of basil and a tomato on your way in the front door, add a little fresh mozzarella and you’ve got a Caprese Salad waiting at your front door!

*IMPORTANT: If you currently fertilize your lawn and landscape in or within 10 feet of this area, give it a rest.  Seriously.  Organic standards call for 3 years.  Trust me, you DON”T want to be eating what you’re “feeding” to your lawn and landscape. (Don’t forget to ditch the conventional fertilizer attachment to your hose too!)

Here’s to thinking outside the box.  Buon Appetito!