20130215-151356.jpgFive Minute Friday. Writing to write not worrying if it’s right.


beloved are our families, our friends, our pets. hopefully our things aren’t as beloved as them.
i hold in my heart the love of so many, to love, to be loved, beloved.

so important, it is, to let them know. to share the feelings, let them out and let them go.

so often i’m busy, so much can distract me, that out of the corner of my eye i nearly miss the affection. my child looking up, the gaze from my spouse, my mother’s warm voice, my father’s heart in his eyes. my four-legged babies with their eyes all adoring, tails wagging, awaiting the love they deserve. the soft rub and meow. even the girls with their clucks. life is so precious and love is so much.

but sometimes i forget to say what i feel. the reality is that often i go about my day, rushing here, running there, always failing to say. my have tos and my need tos seem to get in the way of letting my beloved feel what i feel.

today my heart is full, i feel like the grinch with his make-over. my heart is nearly bursting, like water balloons in the summer.

beloved are my friends with whom i’ve lost touch and i yearn for the day, that we bond again, just us.

for my beloved are many and i feel oh, so blessed. so fortunate, so lucky to touch and be touched.

to all of my friends and my family and critters, if you’re reading this now take a moment to feel, whether you are near or you’re far, whether we’ve just spoken or not. i think of you often, probably more than you think. just in case you wonder or ponder or doubt, i’ll forever hold you near and dear to my heart. for if you’re my in my circle, if i call you a friend, i love you, my beloved, forever.

the end


Five Minute Friday

11 Comments to “beloved”

  1. Totally agree. Sometimes I get to involved and forget to see, interact and live with my beloveds. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. I love the image of your heart bursting like water balloons. 🙂 I struggle with the hurry and bustle to. It’s so good to sit back, remember and reconnect with our loved ones. 🙂


  3. A good reminder not to let the have tos and the need tos get in the way of seeing my beloved. All of them. Thank you!


  4. Ah yes, I missed this one as I was subbing but have been thinking of Beloved and the fact that we are called Beloved by the Creator of the Universe. So thankful to be loved.
    Keep up the God work.


  5. Sometimes, it’s a true effort to get everything done and make everyone feel loved. But at the end of the day, we can, hopefully, have tomorrow to correct the mistakes of today. Great post.


  6. oh yes…the distractions of life get in the way of appreciating life!


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