E is for Edible

E is for Edible, Landscaping that is.

When you look out your window, what do you see?

How about when you look from the street?

Is it green all in lawn with a plant skirt by the house?

Or does it do more and call you to come out?

As you walk from your car is there something to snack on?

Are there veggies and herbs and good things to munch?

Could you eat in your landscape?  Could you have lunch?

People traditionally think veggies with beds.  But what if it were different? Would you want this instead?

Rosalind Creasy is an Edible Landscaping guru.

If I’ve sparked a “What if?” “It’s possible.” Or “Maybe.”

Please head to her site, or her blog or her books.  And see what, is possible, take a fresh look.

6 Comments to “E is for Edible”

  1. Kate, good post. I never thought about edible landscapes. We have a large garden so technically i could have lunch (and fruit from the trees for dessert). Rosalind’s blog looks great, I will have to bookmark it and explore it more as we plan on doing some landscaping this summer.


  2. I’ve given a lot of thought to edible landscaping. I haven’t done it yet, but I think it’s a brilliant idea.
    BTW, I Love brussels sprouts.


  3. I really want to start a garden! We’re moving into a new house this week so I’ll hopefully start one this coming fall. I live in AZ so summer gardens seem hard (if not impossible?). But we do have citrus trees now! So excited! Lemon, 2 orange, and a grapefruit. There is also another one we aren’t sure of…maybe cherry?


    • Congratulations on the new house! Citrus trees would be wonderful! (We don’t have those in the upper midwest!) And a cherry too? Even if it’s not, but is another fruit that would be awesome! Enjoy!


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